How it works

  1. Participants criteria 
    You choose the criteria for participants to meet for your survey: demographics and/or expertise in a particular field. There is also an option to add your own survey-specific criteria with text or a link from an external service (such as Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, etc.).
  2. Survey description 
    We need the description to invite participants to your survey.
    In this step, you define the type of survey and reward for participants and get an approximate price for your request.
  3. Contact details
    Leave your contact details: name, phone, email.
  4. Receive an offer
    After sending the request, an administrator from will contact you for confirmation and information on when to expect an offer with final price. Before sending potential participants, we further verify that they are suitable and meet 100% of your survey criteria.


Unmoderated survey

from BGN 25 *
per participant, doesn’t include reward

Request participants
  • You create a scenario for the survey and choose a platform.
  • will inform the participants how and when to participate in the survey.
  • will provide a link for the participants to join.
  • does not share personal data of participants.
  • Free exchange per participant.

Moderated survey

from BGN 150 *
per participant, doesn’t include reward

Request participants
  • You create a scenario for the survey and choose a platform.
  • synchronizes the schedule of the researcher and the participants for inclusion in the test session.
  • sends a link to a platform where the survey will take place.
  • does not share personal data of participants.
  • Free exchange per participant.

The price depends on the profile of the user and the demand of the search. Learn more about pricing here.

Pricing examples

  • BGN 100 per participant in a standard case, for example housewives with experience in online shopping.
  • BGN 300 per participant for a specific profile, for example managers of companies from the tourism business.
  •  BGN 600+ per participant if you are looking for hard-to-reach people, for example sailors on cruise ships in the Pacific Ocean.

Rewards for participants

Rewards are cash and/or vouchers. The reward for each survey is determined and given by you. Most often, it is between BGN 20-100. Participants will be informed about it and its receipt in advance, by email, together with the invitation to participate. sends the prize to the participants after the survey is completed. We receive confirmation from them that a survey has been completed through a link that we send via email.

Types of surveys

  • Usability testing
  • Websites, applications, software and online services, prototypes
  • Design ideas for sites, applications, systems, online functionalities
  • Structures – information architectures, taxonomies, navigations
  • Brands, landing and product pages, banners, ads, games
  • Design ideas for books, advertisements, marketing and other campaigns
  • Content – press releases, user documentation, articles, reports
  • Questionnaires and surveys

Questions and answers

Payment is based on whether your survey is moderated or unmoderated and how many participants you want. You will see the amount of the second step of the request.

After sending a request for participants, we will send you a quote by email within 3 working days. If additional information is needed, we will contact you.

All people who register on the platform for paid participation in surveys fill out questionnaires with demographic and psychographic characteristics, as well as questionnaires about experience and attitudes regarding the use of products and services.

When a request for participants is received, platform administrators contact people and further verify that they are the right participants and meet 100% of the criteria for your study.

The contacts you receive from are checked and verified before they are sent to you. All participants are informed that they will be contacted to participate in the study.

You have a 100% guarantee that the contacts you receive have been vetted and negotiated for inclusion in your survey. If, however, a participant refuses to participate, he will be replaced by a new one.

Participants receive the promised reward after confirming that they have participated in the study. is responsible for accounting for the prize.

You can email us if you wish to use you request for further surveys. We will keep it for you.

You can cancel the request within 3 working days after sending it or receiving an offer.

In the event that you need to postpone the study indefinitely, the options are as follows:

1. We refund the money for the participants that you did not use.

2. Or when you start the survey again, you use the list of contacts, again verified by us.

In the event that the search is permanently suspended, we refund all requested users if they are not used. Or we return the difference to the number of users used.