How it works

  1. Registration
    Register with a social media profile: Google, Facebook or Linkedin.
  2. Profile activation
    By filling in basic information about you (date of birth, place of residence, marital status, professional status), your profile becomes active and we can start inviting you to paid surveys.
  3. Specialised questionnaires
    The rest of the questionnaires on the platform include questions about your experience in various fields (banks, online shopping, loans, mobile operators and others).
    For each questionnaire there is an estimated time to complete. There is an option to skip if the questionnaire is not relevant to you.
  4. Invitation to participate in a survey
    As soon as we find a suitable survey, we will send you an email invitation with detailed information. You opt in after accepting the email invitation that you want to participate. For every participation you get a reward.


Studies can be online and offline. When the studies are online, it is necessary to have a computer or a mobile device with microphone and/or camera.

When the studies are offline, it is necessary to go to a certain place – a shopping centre or mall, and to meet with the researcher, who is going to conduct the research. It is possible to be interviewed by phone.

An administrator by will inform you about all details of a certain study and will contact you in case any additional actions and logistics are required.


Rewards are cash/or vouchers. The reward for each study is determined by the researcher. Most often it is between BGN 20-100. We inform you about it and its receipt in advance, by e-mail, together with the invitation to participate in a survey. sends the reward after you finish the survey and we receive confirmation from you that you participated. This is done with a link we send via email.

Questions and answers

Only the team has access to your personal data. They are stored in our highly secure database. You can read more about the personal data storage policy.

No. After opening a questionnaire, you can mark it as “Not Relevant” and save your changes. If, subsequently, the questionnaire becomes relevant to you, you can change its status to “Relevant”.

The chance of being invited to more surveys is higher if you complete more specialized questionnaires.

Yes. You must press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Your answers will be saved and you can continue to complete the questionnaire when you have time. is responsible for accounting for the prize.

Yes. This is done from “My profile”, by clicking on the “Profile deletion request” button. You will receive a verification code by email. Your request will be processed within 7 working days.

The more questionnaires you complete, the more chance you have to participate in a paid survey.

After each survey, we send you an email with a link to confirm your participation.